Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Langerado - festival achieves perfection!

So, I just got back from Langerado and it was indeed an amazing time. The music was spectacular, the people were amazing, the weather was ideal. All in all--the festival really was the perfect festival. Kudos to Ethan and Mark for the lineup and ensuring that everything ran as smoothly as it did.

Shoutouts are due to the following people (and many more too, but I'm pretty busy today so I'm sure I'll forget some people):
Ethan Scwhartz, Mark Brown, Annabel Lukins, Captain Toast, Carrie Lombardi, Amy Cummins, Lebo, Seth "The Rabbi", Hogan, Jeff Sadler, Magner, Brownstein, Barber, Allen, Tom Hamilton, PGroove (and their ladies!!), Brad, Jeff Wood, Judy Gex, Mike and Benjy (go cold turkey!), Kelli Schwartz, Brian Asplin, Andy Gadiel, Dave Vann, Michael Weintrob, Berkowitz, Joe Russo, the Butter boys and countless other people who made this festival so amazing.

I'll write more later when I get some free time.


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