Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Blue Turtle Seduction and conquering "Q"

Monday was a tired day... just run down from the Green Apple festival. But, Jordan Kahn found a way to get me out and about that night--good bluegrass and sushi. I got to his place on 2nd ave to find a very happy band. Blue Turtle Seduction played 225 shows last year. I saw 167 concerts. I leave early when I'm tired and bail when I'm not feeling a show. They played 225 FULL concerts. Had to win over a crowd each time. God bless 'em...

Jordan is a mensch. For many reasons, but Monday night exemplified it. He ordered 4 huge sushi platters from Tatany, a nearby yummy spot on 3rd. He fed the band, had plenty of beer, gave them showers and showed off his view from the 22nd floor. Several band members had never been to NYC before. They were amazed. Jaws open, head constantly shaking while looking out the window.

The band (and I, of course) were SO appreciative of what Jordan had done for his Tahoe buddies. To have that wonderful respite from the rough side of the road is invaluable.

After stuffing our bellies we walked over to Rodeo Bar for Turtle's first NYC gig ever. They rocked the place! Hard-driving bluegrass with what feels like an Irish-punk slant. Great vocals. Solid rhythm section. They make you dance. This band is not to be missed! They're playing again tonight in alphabet city, so check them out at Banjo Jim's if you can.

Last night, Deanna and I took a break from all our house work to treat ourselves to a wonderful French meal. As much as I love my wine, I often neglect French wine for South American or Italian. But a nice Bordeaux is always a great change of pace. We ate at Quercy on Court Street and the meal was TOP NOTCH. Easily in the top 4 of our alphabet game thus far. And just a quick recap:

*Barrio Chino
Café Loup
Dumont Burger
*Freeman's Alley
Grape and Grain
*Holy Basil
Ivo and Lulu
*Kitchen Club
Nan Son
*Pearl Oyster Bar

(Hah! I decided to star only my favorites, but those meals were all so top notch...)

On to "R" next!


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