Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Allman Brothers and Elephants

Fun night last night! Started off having dinner at Citrus and then went to the Beacon Theater for the Allman Brothers Band. Great show--Mark Quinones was particularly fired up the whole night, wailing away on the percussion. Warren and Derek were as fantastic as always and Gregg's voice is still pristine.

The first set saw Col. Bruce Hampton and Audley Freed come out for Willie Dixon's "Spoonful" with the Colonel on lead vocals and Audley ripping up some guitar licks. Seeing the Col. on stage always puts a smile to my face. "But just a little spoon of your precious love will satisfy my soul"

The first set ended with "Les Bres in A Minor" (I have a penchant for songs that have time or key signatures in their names--like "The Eleven"). A quick set break gave us a chance to rest our legs and grab a drink. The second set started with some familiar cords so we ran upstairs to see what it was--sure enough, it was Kevin Kinney and Susan Tedeschi sitting in with the Brothers singing Dylan's classic "I Shall Be Released." Check out the video I shot with my new camera :)

Solid second set (though I'm not going to lie--I just don't ever need to hear the Brothers play "Drums" or listen to Oteil scat over his bass. Seems that the entire Beacon loved both, but not me. Just doesn't tickle my fancy, not one bit.) A tight Statesboro Blues brought the energy up and a solid "One Way Out" encore closed the night out. We hightailed it down to 34th street to meet Renee and some of her friends to watch the elephants march to the circus.

Tons of people lining 34th street. We waited for about 45 minutes and then sure enough, roars from the crowd and everyone jumped up to look at the exit from the Queens Midtown Tunnel. Unfortunately, my pics didn't come out all that great (not enough light) (or should I say, not enough skills!) but here are a few. Enjoy!


At 6:07 PM, Blogger Ace Cowboy said...

Great post, bud! Sweet video!

At 1:12 AM, Anonymous mitch said...

Terrific video...terrific song.

Too bad about the elephants. Foot ailments remain the number one cause of premature death in elephants--being forced to stand or walk on concrete and asphalt is the main reason. Perhaps someday they too shall be released.

Thanks again for the video.


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