Tuesday, May 08, 2007

The last two weeks of my life

So it's been a busy few weeks...hence the lack of posts. So let's go back in a quick recap fashion:

Last weekend of April was perfect. The Disco Biscuits performed under the Tractorbeam moniker at the Gramercy show. Tons of friends and good people. Woke up early on Saturday and met Jesse Jarnow at Penn Station and took the familiar train to Bay Shore and hopped the ferry to Fire Island. God damn how I've missed you!!! The beach and island were in great shape, as was his house. We played a lot of backgammon, hung out with Rhonda, listened to tunes, watched baseball, drank some scotch and just relaxed.

Came back Sunday afternoon to find my parents and sister hanging out with my lovely girlfriend at our apartment. Spent the afternoon showing them around the Heights, Cobble Hill and Carroll Gardens. We at at Pane e Vino and the food was really yummy. I saw them off to the Queen Mary 2 for their transatlantic cruise on Monday morning.

Monday night, went up to the United Palace Theatre to see Modest Mouse. Rockin' rockin' show. Loud but awesome. Johnny Marr sounded great and Isaac was in fine form. Tuesday I schlepped out to Long Island to see PGroove at Mulcahys. Great venue and the band was awesome. Cold rainy crappy night though... Wednesday night was Sage's bday and we celebrated at Sala. Good stuff!

Friday was my annual Cuatro de Mayo party. Great time as always. Deanna cooked up a storm (her paella tartlettes were the best things ever). The kegs of Six Points craft ales were amazing (Brownstone, Bengali Tiger and Sweet Action). About 75 people up on my roof and the pinata bashing at midnight was fun as always. We ended up at Magnetic Field and then back to my place around 3:30.

Saturday Shimon, Steph, Deanna and me drove to pick up other Steph and went to Tom's for brunch. SO YUMMY. Spent the rest of the day walking around Prospect Park and hanging out. Drove back to my place and rested up for the night.

Went to dinner with Matt from Perpetual Groove and Shimon at a yummy sushi place (where the girls were all dressed like they were clubbing and showing tons of cleavage--good stuff) then went to rock out to PGroove at the Gramercy. Another great performance by the boys. It was great to see Huffer run lights in a big room to show off what he can do. And the sound was immaculate in there also. Such a great room for them.

Sunday we slept in and drove into the city to pick up some stuff from my office and her old bike. Stopped in at the Pop International Gallery in SoHo to see if my Dylan photo was ready (it's not, but we had fun browsing!) and then bought my wine rack at Crate and Barrel. Drove home, put it together, had some wine, ordered in some sushi and had a very relaxing evening. Once the couch comes, our apartment will be complete! I can't wait...


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