Thursday, October 26, 2006

Vegas, baby, Vegas!!!

So, I'm lying in bed, where i've spent the last 30+ hours, miserable with the flu. Thanks a lot, influenza...

Tomorrow, assuming I can get out of bed, I'm heading to Vegas for the second annual music festival Vegoose. Very pumped to see most of my crew (Russ, Beth, Marcus, Meredith, Jill, Amy, Jordan, Adam) and everyone else who's going to be there. I can't wait to spend a long weekend in the desert with some great bands (Jim James solo, Band of Horses, the Raconteurs, the Killers, the Mars Volta (going to give them a second chance), Tom Petty, Phil, Trey, Built to Spill, Gomez, Cat Power, the Roots, etc) and some great people.

A recap from earlier this week--after work on Tuesday, I met Deanna at Bar Tabac in Carroll Gardens. Stephane was playing with his trio for one set, followed by the gypsy jam session. Dinner was great, with an excellent Gigondas to whet our pallates. Good pate appetizer topped off with a perfect lamb steak entree.

Got home and my throat started closing in. Which I knew was bad news... woke up Wednesday morning feeling like death. Took a very difficult subway ride to work and realized I shouldn't have left my bed. Made it to my morning meeting and then to RHD to do the page placements for the next issue of the mag. Took a car home ($8 from Dumbo, yikes!!) and passed out in my bed. Felt pretty horribly again this morning, but my fever did break a few hours ago.

So, I have 13 hours until I have to leave for my flight. So here's to hoping I get better by then!

See you after Vegas :)


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