Friday, October 06, 2006

A Monsoon of Butter

Yesterday was one of those whirlwind days--running from concert to concert, bar to bar, friend to friend. So, basically it was any day of the week ending in "y." Started the evening off at Nice Guy Eddie's for a drink with Steph, then onto Mo Pitkins to have some drinks with Cam (and see some guy play--Jason Darling). After that we went across houston to Mercury Lounge for the NM/HBR show. Got to spend some time with the Monsooners and was able to take good care of them (thanks, Intern Jared!!)

We got a great Bo's Blues and a sick Coal Mine (keep on singing, Bo!). Raj was definitely missed, but Brian really stepped up and threw down HARD. I'd never seen the boys drop into a jungle groove so seemlessly. The energy was through the roof and the whole band stepped up--one of the better shows I've seen them do. Jeff was rocking out the SG, Phil's organ and piano licks were perfect, Benny kept running riffs up the neck of the bass. The Stagger Lee cover was a highlight. As was the song that Aaron Redner sat in.

I had a great conversation with Nat about the song Dolphin (his dad wrote it). I can't wait to hear it tonight. And here's to hoping for a Tom Waits cover.

Unfortunately, I had to leave Butter early to go see Jodi who was in town for the night.

Travel Notes:
Just booked my flight to Florida for New Years. I land on the 28th (mmmm dinner at the crab house) and hang out on Jupiter Island through New Years Day. Then down to Davie to hang with Ethan, then on to JAM CRUISE!!


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