Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Regan and Rob's Wedding

What a fantastic weekend. Regan Teti married Rob Marscher in the most picturesque, beautiful, autumn weekend in the Catskill Mountains. A ton of old friends and a few new ones celebrated with with such a joie de vivre--with music, food, dance, drink, nature and a couple of slide didgeridoos.

Josh and I spent a great morning with SuperDee grabbing some bagels in Windsor Terrace and eating in the park. Got to see Sage and finally meet her new pup Leo, who is even cuter in real life than in pictures. Josh and I hopped in Dee's car, Junior, a great little '96 Honda done up with hippie stickers, to pick up Weintraub. We got up to the Full Moon Resort outside of Woodstock around 7:30 in time for dinner and a great bonfire / jam session. AGP acoustic played Tenacious D's "Friendship" and there was some great percussion jams in between smores and beers.

Monday morning was a lazy one, hanging by the stream, tossing the frisbee. The wedding took place at 5:00 outside in a field in between mountains. The perfect colors of foliage dotted the mountainside--vibrant reds, yellows and oranges. The couple looked great with huge smiles the whole time. Stephan played the cocktail hour and Sam Kinninger and his band rocked out later for two sets (with a sit in by Rob and a full AGP experience). Revelry continued long into the night and many hugs were exchanged this morning while we were saying "goodbyes" and earnest "we'll see you soons."

If you tried to script your perfect fall outdoorsy wedding, it wouldn't come close to how great this one was.

Music Notes:
Their first dance was Ween and another highlight was that "Alarms going off in my head" track off of Of Montreal's The Sunlandic Twins. I had just told Jill to check them out, as I'm sure she'd love the combination of 80s synth pop and crossdressing indie. Good stuff!


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