Tuesday, November 07, 2006

A Texas Jewboy and the World's Largest Kaleidoscope

So on this election day, I beg you all to move to Texas quickly, establish residency there, dig for oil, and vote for Kinky Friedman. How hard could it be? Why the hell not?!? Our country could damn well use more governors who toured with Dylan on his Rolling Thunder Review. I'd like every Texan to be proud to boast "My Governor is a Jewish Cowboy" tomorrow.

This past weekend was spent (shockingly) with Deanna. On Friday night we met up at O'Keefe's to grab a drink with Damien (and to try to win Styx tickets, which we didn't, thank you very much Q104.3...). Gabe joined up for a drink as well and we went off to the movie theater to see the Borat movie. Which was great. Between the Running of the Jew, the mortgage broker meeting, Pamela Anderson, the old Jewish couple, the "Gyspy" woman--this movie was hilarious. Go see it.

Saturday morning we hopped in Jeff's car and drove up to Hunter. We got to the house that Deanna rented for her birthday and hung out. Drank some beers and played pool. Warmed by the fire and ate some chips and veggies. Had dinner at Last Chance Beer and Cheese (which was very yummy) and then went back to the house for more drinking, Taboo, a few rockin' rounds of Left Right Center, some cupcakes and more hanging by the fire. Good times had by all!

On our way home on Sunday, we stopped off to see the world's largest kaleidoscope (not pictured below) which was fun, albeit full of propganda. Goebels would be proud. Got back to the city in time to watch the espn.com play by play of the Redskins' victory over the cowboys and ordered in some yummy sushi for dinner.

Last night, I took D out for her birthday. Went to Moto and ate like kings--baked crab meat, eggs stuffed with tuna and anchovies, amazing pork ribs and a fantastic fish stew over risotto. Desert was the incomparable grilled donuts topped with cinnamon and sugar. Mmmmmm....

Travel notes:
Off to LA this weekend. Get to see my nieces and hang out with some good friends. Can't wait!

Music notes:
Everyone go out and buy The Slip's new album, Eisenhower, today. It's damn good.


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