Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Birthday cupcakes are the best

Just wolfed down two cupcakes for my birthday. So I guess you could consider this a birthday tummy ache. But it's so worth it...

This past saturday I was treated to the most wonderful day. A 90-minute massage followed by sauna and hot tub. Then the omakase at Sushi Seki. Holy shit. Best sushi meal EVER. SOOOOO damn good. Words can't even describe how amazing the spicy scallop handroll was. Or the chopped eel blended with seaweed served over avocado. Or the yellowtail with jalapeno sauce. Or the red snapper with sea salt. Or the horse mackarel with scallions. Or the king salmon with honey miso sauce. Best meal EVER. I'm talking top 3, if not top top. Nightcap at Common Ground. I couldn't have been happier.

And today is my birthday. Which started out with the aforementioned cupcakes. And will end with our holiday party blowout. Life is good!


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