Wednesday, November 22, 2006

TDay is here and it's here to stay (until Friday)

Happy Thanksgiving!

I'm at my parents' house in Rockville, MD, right now. Already consumed two and a half Twinbrook Deli subs, the best subs in the world. Been working all day. Flight home was relatively easy yesterday--amazing sunset the whole time. Haven't been to Dulles airport in YEARS; always good to see those black-top shuttle buses.

Getting a massage in a few hours, then seeing my Grandmother. Tomorrow is dinner at the Elsons' house and I fly back to NYC on Friday. Dinner at Jordan's place, then DSO for Gabe's birthday then the Biscuits. Saturday is the throwdown with all my friends at the Biscuits show. Can't wait!! Here's to hoping we'll all dance (er, I mean run) like hell!

Happy turkey day! :)


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