Monday, December 11, 2006

Ice Luge + Best Friends = Party

So this past weekend was another epic one. Friday night started out at Blue Ribbon Sushi, thanks to the lovely and sweet Caroline. We had an incredibly epic meal, including japanese horse mackerel and fresh and salt water eel. God I love eel. Followed that with a chilly walk to the Brooklyn Lyceum to see The WoWz. Very mellow and different from what I expected, but fun nonetheless. Cold. But fun. Three Woman Blues is a kickass song... They missed a LOT of harmonies, aka sang off key a bunch, but when they hit their notes, they sounded fantastic. Go figure.

Met up with Senor Casa di Verde at Union Hall for a few drinks then skidadled over to Flushing and Classon for RUBULAD. Always a blast. Got there early and chilled in the cave with Jesse, Deanna and Tony. Stalked a blonde girl. Enjoyed tampon christmas trees. Ate a brownie. Had lots of drinks. Much, much fun. Best party ever.

Saturday we motivated out to my old hood, Prospect Heights, to brunch at Tom's Diner. I forgot how special that place is--from the coffee and cookies they bring you in line to the friendly staff to the amazing food; it really is the best. Went from there up to the Museum of Natural History and saw an imax about cowboys, did the Gold exhibit and saw some animals and dinosaurs. Very fun!!

Quick dinner at D's place and we were off to Common Ground. First ones there. Sculpted some of the ice luge out (it needed some work) and commenced drinking. Lots of goldschlagger shots on the luge (and you know I don't take shots). Even got to sing the birthday song to Josh. Rachel Dratch even made a cameo. I had a blast--it was great to see so many good people in one place. I'm so lucky--my friends are the best people in the world!!!

So all in all, amazing weekend. Looking forward to another one coming up!

Music notes:
In honor of Slack LaLane, I have uploaded my favorite Jeff Tweedy solo show - 3/5/05 at the Vic Theatre in Chicago. Enjoy!

And I've decided to post some Neutral Milk Hotel stuff... below is a video of King of Carrot Flowers parts 2 and 3. And check out this amazing collection of NMH audio and video delights.


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Ice luge + Party = Best Friends


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