Friday, December 15, 2006

Jeff Tweedy and the world's tallest man

Screw you, Jeff. What the hell is your impetus for doing a solo tour and NOT coming anywhere NYC? Let's be honest here--I'm very psyched you're doing more solo stuff, as I love it more than anything. Anything. But everyone knows that New York is the center of the universe, so WHY ARE YOU SKIPPING MY HOMETOWN!??

Sigh... I guess I'll be flying down to Atlanta to reprise my Tom Waits trip with Shimon and Rob Turner. And it's a friggin monday night. So it looks like I'll fly in on Monday morning, work out of his office all day, then go see some Tweedy at the Tabernacle. Hopefully I'll get my same pimp seats like I did last time.

On an unrelated note, check out this news story. The world's tallest man saved two dolphins by reaching his abnormall long arms into the dolphins' stomachs to remove plastic that they had swallowed. That's pretty incredible--but I still feel bad for the guy trying to squeeze into an airplane seat.


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