Thursday, November 09, 2006

Five degrees of separation

Screw you, six degrees. Sometimes NYC feels like a very tiny town. Sure there are 8 million people here, but let's break that down a bit. I only really hang out in a triangle between Park Slope, Williamsburg and 14th Street. So let's drop the Bronx, Queens and Staten Island (does anyone ever really count Staten Island?) and two-thirds of Manhattan and Brooklyn. So now we're probably talking about, what, 2 million tops? And I'm a creature of habit--I habitually go to concerts at the same 10 venues, I drink at the same 10 bars (let's hear it for Common Ground!), eat at the same 20 restaurants, take the same 4 subway lines, etc. And I'm always with my friends, so why is it ever surprsing when I run into people? I should be surprised when I don't...

Last night Josh and I had a few hours to kill before a James Bond Smirnoff event so we went to grab a bite and a drink at Trailer Park (mmmmm tater tots). When we walked in, who was there but little Jamie Peckler from Rockland County. So we caught up over a PBR (her first) and her friend Alexis, who Josh knows through his friend Jillian. We chatted for a while and then two of Josh's friends showed up, also randomly.

We finally made our exit and walked along 23rd street to grab a cab when a parked van's window rolls down and the guy in the driver seat smacks me. 'Scuse me?? Oh, it's Even from the kickass band Steel Train. So random! Josh and I hopped a cab and turned left on 9th ave only to find Evan driving next to us yelling about how great the new Dr. Dog album is. Classic!

We finally got down to Tenjune on Little West 12th Street (thanks, cabbie, for dropping us off on regular West 12th Street). We went into the swanky Bond/Smirnoff party and consumed a whole lot of Vodka. Scantily clad cocktail waitresses brought us drinks and apps. Three DJs spun for 15 minutes each and ended their set with their remix of the Bond theme song (all of which were pretty badass). The middle of the three was far and away the best (he won, DJ AM was the judge), scratching and mixing up a storm.

All in all, very fun night. 5 random run ins in under 2 hours at Trailer Park. I'll tell ya--New York is a very small town...

Music Notes:
Off to see this Tribute to Bob Dylan tonight at Lincoln center. Very excited to see Ryan, Phil, Jay, Jill, Warren, MMW, Clap Your Hands Say Yeah and many many more.

Travel Notes:
Off to LA tomorrow with the girl. Staying at the Park Hyatt. Saturday we're driving up to Santa Barbara to see Marcus and Meredith and check out a winery or two. And I couldn't be more excited to hang with my nieces all day Sunday!!


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