Thursday, February 22, 2007

DC with my nieces!

I was lucky enough to spend all of last weekend at my parents' house with my whole family. Both sisters, both nieces, both parents, one aunt and uncle, and one grandmother. Aliza and Dalia just keep getting bigger and talking more--and becoming more and more like actual people. It was nice to have four generations together.

Started off with a great sushi dinner in Jersey with Deanna's parents. Drove down to Rockville that night and went to sleep. Saturday morning we played with my nieces, ran errands, helped out around the house and did some shopping. My parents had all their friends over for a party on Saturday night so I got to catch up with a bunch of good people.

Sunday we drove my sister down to Georgetown for a conference she was speaking at. We walked around the icy neighborhood and had some coffee. Went to my grandmother's place for brunch. Sunday afternoon I watched the Terps win and then Miriam, Deanna and I went to Mongolian BBQ for dinner.

Monday we said goodbye to Aliza and Dalia and drove back to Jersey and trained back to the city. What a great weekend!

Tonight is the Paste party and tomorrow is THE WEEKEND!

...and just because it's funny:


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