Friday, February 16, 2007

Disco Biscuits spun the wheel in Sayerville

Last night was a blast. Road tripped with SuperDee, Schwartz and Mitch to Slayerville. Some traffic getting through Staten Island, but it wasn't that bad. What really sucked was the horrendous line to get into the venue. Bottle necking, line cutters, 20 degree weather and incredibly tightly packed quarters--80 minutes of hell. It was the worst... and we missed 2/3rds of the first set.

But, the lovely Jenny (heady Jenny), my old intern, created a fantastic wheel for the ladies to spin to select the next song. It was a blast. Another Relix gal, Liz Rubinstein, landed on Mr. Don, which was a blast. But the highlight for me was "Pygmy Twylyte" with a perfect segue into "Gangster jam". It ruled!!

And tonight we're off to DC.... where hopefully I'll get to post about Austin :)


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