Monday, February 26, 2007

New TV and my girlfriend is a genius!

So after a year of wanting one, I finally bought a high definition TV for my bedroom. Sitting at the foot of my bed at 32" of LCD glory--I lied on my bed for most of the weekend and watched 6 college basketball games--5 in HD and one not--but rest assured, it was worth it to watch my Terps knock off #5 UNC. Fear the turtle!!

On other very important news, Deanna passed the last CPA section exam that she took in early February. She nailed a 75, when the minimum passing score was, you guessed it, a 75. WOOOHOOOO!!!!!! So now she just has the audit section left, which she's already passed convincingly. April 7 baby.

Other highlights of the weekend--Ivo and Lulu's for dinner on Friday was an excellent selection for our "I" restaurant. Amazing boar sausage and rabbit sausage. And the duck confit was fantastic. God bless BYO places!

Jen Safady's birthday party was a blast. Lots of good people there--it was nice to see Gabe upon his return from several weeks in Thailand. Sunday Deanna kicked my ass in the gym and I treated us to some bloodys and beer at the Henry St Ale House (I do love me a good stale house) and then dinner at Joya, a phenomenal Thai place in Cobble Hill--and we're on to "K" next.

And since I'm listening to it on this snowy morning, I leave you with Dylan playing Isis in white face from Rolling Thunder 1975:


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