Friday, May 25, 2007

My oh my, where did May go?

Alright, time to play catch up.

First things first: I owe a big apology to The National. I bashed a line in a song off the new album (The Boxer, so good!) that I heard as "My mind was racing like a pronoun." Josh backed me up in saying that this line is just absurd and makes no sense. Which is true. Because the actual line is "My mind was racing like a pro now" which makes a bit more sense. Or so they tell me. I guess Tennessee Williams would agree.

So two weeks ago, the kickass band ALO came by our office. Those guys are so much fun. The ultimate California college party music. Nicest guys in the world and consummate performers. They played a bunch of songs from the new album Roses and Clover and we chatted it up for a bit. Made up my mind to go to the show that night at Bowery. Josh and I went to Jeeb for some dinner then to Bowery. Lots of good people there. Got some good advice on Peru from Kartzman's brother. Brett Dennen was awesome and ALO rocked the house down.

Had a very Jersey weekend. Friday the 11th we went to Deanna's old college haunts in New Brunswick. Had a fantastic dinner (mmmm braised thai short ribs) at a nice brew pub. Saturday we went to her Mom's birthday dinner in Perth Amboy--at a divine portuguese place. Lots of fun revelry. Horrrible rain and traffic driving back.

Last week was relatively mellow, Wednesday saw the best meal EVER at Saul's on Smith Street. Literally, the best meal ever. Friday my couch was delivered and we spent the weekend on Fire Island, maxing and relaxing. Not the best weather Friday and Saturday but Sunday was glorious. Jesse took me for $19.50 in gammon, which sucked... but the season just started.

This week I went to a great Dan Bern show at Southpaw and I caught the Biscuits last night at Highline. Leaving for the beach after work. Can't wait!!


At 9:13 PM, Anonymous Andrew said...

My long lost friend is back!!!

At 1:04 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ah just saw this! Glad you figured it out :) (I posted the correction on a less recent post)

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