Thursday, March 23, 2006

Camera phone

Just got my new phone, with camera and flash. So, now we'll be able to update with more pictures (seeing as how I almost never keep my camera on me unless I'm at a festival or traveling). Sweet!

Music notes:
Just got the new David Gilmour album, very excited to listen to it. But, it will have to wait until I fix my computer/external hard drive/ipod problem (aka I can't put music from my computer onto my ipod right now. it sucks.)

At Langerado, Tom Hamilton gave a demo copy of his new American Babies project. It is pretty damn awesome, so check it out when it comes around.

TV notes:
I caught the premier of "Heist" last night (mmm widescreen). I wasn't blown away but I definitely enjoyed it and will keep it on my DVR list. And, my randomly free HBO came to a sad end last night. Alas...


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