Tuesday, March 28, 2006

George Mason and Gomez

So, last night we went to see Gomez at the Hiro Ballroom. Big thanks goes to Brandon at ATO Records for hooking it up. Last time I saw Gomez was somewhere between Cuba and the Cayman Islands. God bless Jam Cruise! (See the above pictures--first is me with Tom from Gomez and below features Josh Baron, Tom and Jeff Waful. And a blue feathered boa. Some things are better left to the imagination...

So last's show was a blast... they had seats set up at Hiro (which I've never seen before), so we grabbed a spot up at the balcony. The crew was me, Baron, Gabe and Jen Safady. As Gabe mentioned to me several times, Safady would make the perfect companion for another European Romp (see Central Europe pictures, link on the right). And as Saf said this morning, she wants to be our Elaine. So based solely on physical description, Josh would have to be Kramer.

So then based on that, with the remaining options what they are, I guess Gabe would be George and I would be Jerry. I'd much prefer to be Putty, but I'm not a big chest-painter, so I'll stick with Jerry. And that's just weird.

Sports notes:
A bunch of us (me, Baron, Michael Weintrob, Mikey Greenhaus, and of course Rob Marscher) went to see Long Island University's womens' lacrosse game, as the lovely Regan Teti is their head coach. Unfortunately, the Blackbirds didn't win, but it was great to see Regan in action. And hats off to Amy Rizzo for scoring 5 goals in the game!

So college basketball tournament is winding down. Despite having the chance of placing last in both my pools (ugh), it's been one hell of a tourney. You have to smile for George Mason (DC pride!) for making it this far, and let's hope they can win it all. It's just a shame my Terps aren't playing right now... and so it goes.

Book notes:
No fewer than two weeks ago, I was lamenting to Jesse Jarnow that it's not fair that I've read all of Kurt Vonnegut's books. Now I have to wait 20 years until I forget which book is which and get to reread them. But when I was down it Atlanta at Seth's place, he had one book on his coffee table. And sure enough, it was a Vonnegut book I HAD NOT read before! So now I'm reading Slapstick and loving it. And so it goes. Ho hum.


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