Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Meet the parents...

So this past weekend was that big step in any relationship... where you meet the girlfriend's parents. But mine doubled up--I met hers and she met mine. And it couldn't have more perfect. We met her parents in Central Jersey at the train station where they drove us to a wonderful sushi meal where I got to know them. We had a blast! Liz and Irwin are as sweet and warm as can be. I felt very at ease with them and the sushi and wine were just the icing on the cake.

We spent the night at her parents' house and got an early start on Saturday morning to drive down to DC to see my folks. We got there around 1pm (after a quick stop off at Twinbrook Deli, where a thwarted robbery attempt was causing quite a stir). We hung out that afternoon with my parents and my sis. We celebrated the ninth night of Chanukah with my grandmother and had a very yummy latke dinner. We watched one of the best movies of all time, The Court Jester. And sure enough, the Vessel with the Pestle has the pellet with the poison and the Chalace from the Palace has the true that is brew. I mean, Brew that is True.

Sunday morning found us driving down the Mall in downtown DC to scope some musuems. We started off in the Air and Space (Aaron Space) Museum, which fortuitously is housing the 100 best artifacts from the American History Museum. So cool! We watched a decent IMAX, narrated by Tom Hanks (though sometimes it was Morgan Freeman talking, go figure...). We had a fantastic lunch in the Museum of the American Indian and set off for the National Gallery of Art. We drove home in time to watch the Redskins lose (boooo) and had a fantastic Vietnamese dinner. Monday was spent with brunch at my Grandma's place then driving back to Jersey and training back to the city.

Today and tomorrow I'm wrapping things up at the office and I head to FLORIDA on THURSDAY. I CAN'T WAIT!!!!

And then, Jam Cruise. 'Nuff said...


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