Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Best concert venue in NYC

So last night I went to the Angel Orensanz Foundation to see Patty Griffin play her record release party for ATO Records. The show was fantastic but the venue left me speechless. It is far and away the best place I've seen a concert in NYC (indoors--outdoors would have to go to U2 under the Brooklyn Bridge or Bruce Springsteen in front of the Hayden Planetarium).

Angel's art hangs in the stairwells and lines the third floor and candles hanging all over the place light the floor and balcony. The neo-gothic architecture is just gorgeous. What a fantastic place. Patty's voice filled the sanctuary and her guitar tone was perfect.

The night was capped off with Tom Hamilton's American Babies at the Living Room. This incarnation was Tommy, Joe Russo and Dave Dreiwitz. Good stuff!!! Don't miss the last two shows of their residency--Feb 20 and 27 at the Living Room.

Travel notes:
Deanna and I head off to Austin tomorrow to visit Orf and Elana and Zander and Ashley. Can't wait!

Music notes:
I heard Page McConnell's new album yesterday and have been singing "Maid Marion" in my head ever since. This song would (will?) definitely have been played by Phish. It's awesome. Can't wait to listen to it again.


At 6:53 PM, Blogger regan said...

i visited AOF as a potential wedding venue... SOOO STUNNING. i was in love with it, until they gave me the price tag of 13K just for the space alone for 4 hours!! I then also learned that Sara Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick got married there!!


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