Monday, January 29, 2007

PGroove and the Freaks Ball

What a great weekend!!

Friday night was spent eating our "E" meal at Euzkadi, an excellent Basque restaurant in the East Village. Great Txakolina (white wine)... mmmm. Followed dinner up with Brian Pearl's going away party. Best of luck to you in LA!

Saturday was a lazy day. Watched Word Play and have decided to give up the Washington Post's xword puzzles for the New York Times. I think I'm ready. Started the night off at Jon Bahr's place to preparty for the Freaks Ball. Got to Southpaw as doors opened and watched all the freaks filter in one by one. One of those really special/kickass night where you know 3/4 of everyone in the room.

The Dansettes were perfect. I was pretty pumped to see this band, as I missed them last week at Magnetic Field. But they were exactly what I wanted them to be--a classic throwback to 70s funk/soul/groove. The guys all wore matching suits and ties and the three ladies were in the same dress. Amazing voices and a great stage presence. Definitely check them out.

The first set of the Band of Changes pretty much ruled. Metzger, Russo, Dreiwitz and DEANER. What's not to love? They tore through a bunch of songs I didn't know, fronted by Chris Harford. Like I've said before, my favorite band is whoever Russo is drumming for. The energy is always through the roof. I'll see him every time.

Apollo Sunshine was fun, but a little jammier than normal. And it was just too loud, so I found myself hanging in the lounge downstairs watching them on the wall projection. Good times. Bailed early to run into the city and catch the end of a sold out night of PGroove. You know it's a good show when the room is still packed at 1:45 in the morning!

Sunday night we had our "F" dinner at Freemans Alley. EXCELLENT food--probably the best alphabet meal so far. Then went over to the Knit and saw some more PGroove. They just get better and better every time. Don't ever miss these guys :)

And now I'm in Atlanta for Jeff Tweedy tonight. Damn I can't wait!!!!


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