Wednesday, January 17, 2007

I'm going back to New York City, I do believe I've had enough

So I'm finally back home... for more than 4 days. And it feels good. I need this. Last night was the first time I touched my couch since 2006. And it felt good. I watched the first four hours of 24 (woohooo!!! overly-dramatic for the sake of being overly-dramatic and I love every second of it) and relaxed. God I needed that. So now I'm at Tazza, my local inoteca, with Deanna (she's studying for her CPA exam) and I'm eating my favorite sandwich (London Broil and arugula with horseradish mayo on ciabatta bread). Ok, well that's my second favorite sandwich (my first is pastrami and salami on a hero with lettuce, tomato, salt, pepper, mayo and oil mmmm).

So life is relaxing and good. This past weekend was good but not relaxing. I flew out to San Francisco for Beth and Andrew's co-bachelor/bachelorette party. Mandi and I got in around 10:30 on Friday night, rented a car and drove to their place in the Presidio. The party was in full swing, but they waited for us for the champagne toast (too much champers on New Years... no more... ok fine, one more flute). We retired around 1 or 2am to the lovely Hotel del Sol on Lombard by the Marina. The next morning (read: two full days) was spent at a sports bar watching my Terps knock of Clemson, then the first of the two football games. We watched the Eagles game on a 13" bunny-ears TV on a boat in the bay while the sunset (it was too cold to be outside anyway).

Dinner was a grand feast at La Barca, a yummy mexican spot. Excellent food and drink--and raucous we were. Post-dinner festivities were at the nearby karaoke bar, where Adam Haft and Jenna and Dan Lebowitz (ALO) joined in. Winston and I sang "Macho Man"... who knew there were verses to that song? I thought it was just chorus--boy was I wrong.

The next morning (everyone was super hungover) started at 9:30 at Kezar Pub in the Haight. So many hi-def plasmas, so little time... We watched the great Bears/Seahawks game then went to the park for a fun dodgeball romp. My team won, thanks to my handy outfield work (the ball only cleared the infield once--I love my laziness...). Dinner was yummy Italian and the night ended with an alphabet-city-feel bar. Let's hear it for Steve Perry!!

So, basically, I'm back to the norm. Relaxin' in Brooklyn with a nice glass of wine and some yummy food. And my girlfriend. Life is good :)


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