Thursday, February 15, 2007

Happy Valentine's Day! Bisco and DC and Austin

Hey there! Been a busy week, so I apologize for not updating this 'ol blog. A full write-up of last weekend's awesome trip to Austin will come later (Orf and Elana were spectacular hosts and it was great to hang out with Zander and Ashley).

Last night was V-Day and I spent it with my amazing girlfriend (who earlier in the morning, braved the horrible weather to drop off yummy lactose-free cupcakes at my office). We had a fantastic dinner at Taro Sushi in Brooklyn where I got the omakase. Mmmmm omakase... Dessert was at Room for Dessert, which was also very very tasty.

And tonight I get to see the Disco Biscuits in Slayerville. Spin the wheel, baby!!!!


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